The team focuses its activity on the synthesis of molecules of biological interest in aromatic and heterocyclic chemistry:

  • Natural products of terrestrial plant origin or from the marine world are used as a source of inspiration for the development of innovative molecules. The applications sought relate to major health issues such as cardiovascular diseases, parasitic diseases (malaria, etc.), various cancers. The phenolic and cinnamic, beta-dicarbonylated, endoperoxides and marine alkaloids systems are modified to access new agents potentially more active / less toxic than the natural molecules from which they are inspired..
  • The study of target proteins using in silico approaches supports the design and synthesis of original non-natural heterocyclic systems. The activity of these heterocycles on the selected protein target is then measured. The targets are set based on established collaborations or future.
  • The team has expertise in classical organic synthesis. It also develops unconventional chemical synthesis methodologies (mechanochemistry, confined environments) with the aim of proposing series of small molecules with biological properties in accordance with the themes developed.
  • Studies on physicochemical properties and theoretical calculation tools are used to rationalize the design of chemical series.


Organic synthesis, phenolic derivatives, alkaloids, nitrogen heterocycles, endoperoxides, antioxidants


  • Screening of ligands for pharmacological targets - PICT-FEDER-Région
  • Virtual and functional targeting on the XXL DNA double-strand break ligation complex - INCa/INSERM
  • Development of industrializable synthesis processes - Liphatech
  • Green mechanisms in Therapeutic Chemistry (MVERTHER) - Région Occitanie
  • COST Action CM 1307: Chemotherappy towards diseases caused by endoparasites (2014-2018)
  • COST Action CM 1407: Challenging Organic Syntheses inspirated by nature- from natural products chemistry to drug discovery (2015-2019)
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Training and research support activities

  • Michel Baltas Is a founding member of the Chimiothèque Nationale et co-founder of the PICT plateform, member of the Toulouse Insitut of Chemistry, co-founder of the GDRI Toulouse-Kiev and LIA Toulouse-Maroc, director of the Pôle Sciences de la Matière.