Team in few words

The MagenTa team (Molecules- or metal-based Imaging agents N' Therapeutics) was created in September 2019 as a continuation of the SOMAB team (Organometallic Probes for Biomedical Applications).* 
Researches are focused on the design of original markers and efficient analysis tools for biomedical diagnostic and/or therapeutic applications: Long-life luminophores (europium, terbium, rhenium), radiopharmaceuticals based on technetium-99m, indium-111 or rhenium-188, PhotoCORMs (Photochemically CO-Releasing Molecules) based on rhenium(I), contrast agents (gadolinium) or new multifunctional polyphenolic plateforms.

* The NMR-BIOMEDICAL entity, associated with SOMAB during the 2016-2021 five-year period, is currently a scientifically independent entity and is only administratively attached to MagenTa (see the "NMR-BIOMEDICAL" tab for more information on the research developed).

Synthetic chemistry for biomolecules development and evaluation  

  • Synthesis of chelating ligands: multi-step synthesis, "Click to Chelate" strategy.

  •  Coordination chemistry: synthesis and characterisation of mono- or multi-metal complexes "bioconjugable" and stable in biological media.

  • Elaboration of phosphorescent and/or photoactive (bio)markers (rhenium complexes), luminescent (bio)markers or contrast agents (lanthanide complexes), radiopharmaceuticals (diagnostic and vectorized radiotherapy) and/or bimodal diagnostic or theranostic probes.

  • Development of solid-state fluorescent dyes which can be used in the solid state and controlled preparation of nanoparticles.

  • Development of new multifunctional polyphenolic plateforms in the context of oxidative stress related diseases.

Key words :

Multi-step synthesis, bifunctional chelants, macrocycles, polyphenols, nanoparticles, metal complexes, bioconjugation, imaging, fluorescent probes, magnetic probes, radiopharmaceuticals, bimodal probes, oxidative stress.

Training and research support activities

  • Pr. Eric Benoist is Director of sciences and matter doctoral school since 2015.
  • Dr. Florence Bedos-Belval is teacher in chief for master 2 Chemistry and Health since 2016.
  • Dr. Chantal Galaup is teacher in chief for master 2 Analytical Chemistry and instrumentation since 2021.