Logo Sysmic
Logo Sysmic

The team's research activity is at the interface between chemistry and biochemistry.

It is based on two main axes:
  • Synthesis Chemistry for Health including the design, synthesis ans evaluation of acyclic and macrocyclic compounds on different biological targets mainly related to tuberculosis
  • Confined Media Chemistry, in particular the use of protein confinement to promote the synthesis of molecules with greater affinity for the target
An activity using a theoretical approach (calculations) developed over the past few years, will be persued transversally within the team but also within the UMR

Key Words:

Organic Synthesis, macrocyclic compounds, confined-space chemistry, tuberculosis.

The team is composed of 6 permanent staff:

  • Christiane André-Barrès (CRHC, HDR)
  • Joëlle Azéma-Despeyroux (MCF, UPS)
  • Saïda Danoun (IEHC, UPS)
  • Evelyne Delfourne (CRHC, HDR)
  • Pascal Hoffmann (MCF, UPS, HDR)
  • Christian Lherbet (CRCN, HDR)
  • Alain Vigroux (PR, UPS, HDR)