Design, synthesis and evaluation of new GEQ derivatives as inhibitors of InhA enzyme and Mycobacterium tuberculosis growth
Aurélien Cholet, Giorgia Mori, Christophe Menendez ,Frédéric Rodriguez, Isabelle Fabing, Maria Rosalia Pasca, Jan Madacki, Jana Kordulkova, Patricia Constant , Annaïk Quémard, Vania Bernardes-Génisson,  Christian Lherbet, Michel Baltas
European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 101 (2015) 218-235

Synthesis and evaluation of β-hydroxytriazoles and related compounds as antitubercular agents
Christophe Menendez, Chantal Carayon,  Giorgia Mori,  Mathilde Maillot,  Béatrice Silvia Orena,  Maria Rosalia Pasca,  Zoia Voitenko,  Christian Lherbet, Isabelle Fabing, Michel Baltas
French-Ukrainian Journal of chemistry, 2015, volume 3, issue 1